5 volcanic summits of Iran

There are 5 volcanic summits in Iran; Bazman, DamavandSabalanSahand and Taftan. All have trekking routes and I can organize or guide expeditions to all of them.

They are all stratovolcano, all are dormant or extinct.
1. Bazman lies in the south-eastern part of Iran, in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan some . It is some 3490m high and is located 40 KM NW of the Bazman town, the nearest large city is Iranshahr to the south. The summit has a 500m wide crater which is 150 m deep.
It is by far the least accessible mountain point of Iran. It receives heavy snowfall in winter. The area is inhabited by Baluchi nomads who live in their black tents, the area is very dry, a factor to bear in mind when trekking in this region outside the winter months.
The best time to trek this summit is in Spring. For all unknown treks in Iran please visit my website
2. Damavand. For trekking to the highest point of Iranian plateau and the highest summit in Asia see www.alamuttrek.com
3. Sabalan ( 4811 m ASL) is the third highest summit in Iran after Mount Damavand and Alam Kooh. It lies in the north-western part of the country close to the city of Meshkin Shahr ( 25KM distance SE).
Sabalan has 3 main summits; namely, Soltan, Heram and Kasra. There is a beautiful glacial lake on top covering the crater which naturally freezes in the colder months of the year.
The access to the north-eastern path which is the simplest and most commonly trekked is via Shabil, from here you have 2 choices either start trekking to the refuge at 3700 m which would normally take 4-5 hours or hire a 4WD and be driven to the refuge. You will need to take sleeping bags and food.
From the refuge to the summit normally takes 4 hours plus the trek back.
The southern route is the most difficult yet it is also a trekking route. It starts from Alvares Ski resort some 30KM from the famous sulfurous spring town of Sareyn which is very popular with Iranians. There are no shelters on this route and you will need a tent. The trek from the start of the trail takes 7-8 hours. In the summer months semi-nomadic sheep and goat herders camp in the area.
The western route starts from the thermal baths of Shabil village and has a large shelter at 3770 m which is under 2 hours of hiking from the start of the trail.
4. Sahand is 2-3 hour drive from the city of Maraghe in Eastern Azarbayjan province. It has an altitude of some 3710 m and a prominence of 1826m. There is a rudimentary shelter at the base of the mountain at 2550m.It is possible to drive to within 20 minutes of walking to this point.
The path is a trekking path which may be done in one day.
On the northern side there is a ski resort which bears the same name.
5. Taftan; This summit lies in the south-eastern part of Iran in Sistan and Baluchestan province. It is close to Bazman (see no.1 above). It has two main summits; namely Materkuh and Narkuh. The highest point  measures just under 4000 m with a prominence of 2900m. Due to the proximity of the area to the frontier with Pakistan foreign trekkers are advised to go accompanied by a guide and a local.
The distance from Zahedan is some 145 KM towards Khash city. The western trail head which is the commonest route and has a shelter at 3240 m is some 50 Km from Khash.