1. Visas
2. Accommodation/Khoonegeli
3. Planes, Trains and Automobiles
4. Iran, general points about travel
5. Telecommunication
6. Money and Payment
7. Driver/guides
8. Combination trips


  • What will I need?
  • Your passport should be valid for six months beyond the length of your stay and have two blank pages.
  • There must not be an entry stamp to Israel.
  • A recent passport size photograph, women may or may not have their hair covered.
  • An outline of your travel plan, what you aim to do and see whilst in Iran.
  • Application form (please down-load below)
  • Visa reference number fee

Please note,

Many EU nationals,  Australians and New Zealanders may travel to Iran without a prior visa and apply for Visa on Arrival (VOA).


VOAs are ONLY issued at International airports. It is not possible to get a VOA travelling overland or by sea.

Your visa will be handed to you on a sheet of paper and your passport will not be stamped.

If you are travelling without a visa please check with your airline as there have been cases of passengers not being allowed to board.

The cost of a visa reference number is 45 euros per application and it usually takes 2-3 working days.

Once you get your reference number the Consulate of your choice will issue the visa.

Please note this is apart from the fee the consulate will charge you

Currently all US, Canadian and British citizens must be guided at all times; their itinerary must be submitted to the Foreign Office in Tehran at the time of visa application for prior approval. Special fees apply for their reference numbers and their visas take longer than those for other nationals. They do not qualify for VOAs.

Exceptions are for those travelling on business, sponsored and invited by a potential Iranian business partner and those who are Muslims travelling as pilgrims.

The Interest Section of Iran in Washington is taking 30-40 days to send passports back . This may be shortened up by paying an extra fee.

Download Visa Application Form as word format

Download Visa Application Form as pdf format


Accommodation/Khoonegeli eco-lodge

We can book accommodation for you anywhere in Iran as long as they accept prior reservation.A small booking fee applies.

If you are trekking from Alamut to the Caspian hinterland or the other way round then you may stay in Khoonegeli near the costal town of Tonekabon either before or after the trek:



Planes, Trains and Automobiles

We can book you internal flights, train tickets and arrange a taxi service with responsible drivers to and from the airports in Tehran.

Also of interest may be : https://caspiantrek.blogspot.com/2019/04/off-road-trips-iran.html

You may pay us by a bank transfer outside Iran.


Iran, general points about travel

Below is some useful information and for any update please visit our blog: www.caspiantrek.blogspot.com

How to get about within Iran:

The most efficient public transportation is the bus. They are cheap, safe and reliable and between larger cities very frequent. For most routes and most times you do not need to book in advance, you may simply show up and get on the bus. This however does not apply during the Nowrooz period (20th March till 3rd April) as many Iranians travel to their relatives for the festive season. You are strongly advised to purchase the tickets well in advance.

Trains are a little more expensive but still very economical , unfortunately the rail network is not very extensive and it only serves bigger cities.

Internal flights fill up quickly so please ask in advance . The timetable changes rather frequently and at the moment it is near impossible to buy a ticket from outside Iran. This also applies to buses and trains.

Taxis are not as expensive as in Europe but they will charge you a return fare if you are going somewhere that would mean them returning empty. Within the cities they are usually shared and charge a fixed rate for a fixed route. You may negotiate a Darbasti which means you get the taxi just to yourself and pay for the full ride.



You may buy a local SIM in the airport ( Hamrah Avval operator is the best choice for the Alamut Valley) or use your own mobile number, many countries get roaming and can send or receive texts although this tends to be rather unreliable. The best option would be an Iranian SIM for which you would need to show your passport. Mobile internet is good in Iran, there is 4G available in most cities. WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram all work in Iran and are widely used. Facebook, Twitter and Telegram are filtered and you may only access them using a VPN.


Money and Payment

Iran is a cash only economy. No non-Iranian debit or credit cards are accepted. This is because of the economic sanctions.

Rial is the currency but almost no Iranian uses the term, instead we say  “Toman” , the difference is a zero, so 1 euro for example is 300000 Rials or 30000 Tomans.

You may exchange at any Sarafi which are official bureau de change. Many shops in bigger touristy cities accept euros and us dollars.  Some bank branches also exchange although you should check the rate elsewhere as the tourist rate is much higher.



If you are booking a tour with us you may pay us outside Iran via PayPal or into an EU bank account. 



Certified English, French, Spanish and Chinese speaking  guides are available to take you around Iran in a comfortable sedan. You may also wish to hire a 4WD and do some off road, more details:


Combination trips

If you are looking to do a combination of trekking and cultural visits, I can organize the whole trip for you. I am also happy to advise on itineraries and routes.