Well off the beaten path treks/ crème de la crème !

Since I started guiding treks in the Alamut Valley in 2009, hand picking local muleteers and guides to work with, walking the little known corners of this fascinating valley and the surrounding areas myself, as it is naturally inevitable, a few of these routes have become well-known and touristy. Many individuals and companies now offer these “classical” treks.

To offer the discerning and adventurous trekker something extraordinary, I have decided to keep a few routes unpublished. If you are the curious type who wants to trek the unknown then please write in asking for one of these treks. As you read this website I am busy exploring new areas in Central Alborz and the Zagros Mountains as well as the vast desert areas that dominate this ancient land. For updates on the new routes please follow or take a look at my Instagram page.

And after many exploratory trips in the area we are proud to announce that a continuous 15 day trek starting in western Alamut and ending in eastern Alamut is now on offer, all in pristine nature away from roads, electricity cables and modern amenities, with mules carrying the load so you can enjoy the trek. 

These are not the “lost paradises” everyone knows about, these are pristine natural areas where you would feel privileged to be in.